666. Life is a series of temporary measures strung together. (suggested by ) || 'Interesting times'

665. Strength enough to build a home, time enough to hold a child, love enough to break a heart. (suggested by an anon) || 'Wintersmith'

664. The worthwhile words don’t burn. (suggested by anon) || 'Carpe jugulum'

663. The trouble with gods is that after enough people start believing in them, they begin to exist. || 'Pyramids'

662. There are all kinds of darkness, and all kinds of things can be found in them, imprisoned, banished, lost or hidden. Sometimes they escape. Sometimes they simply fall out. Sometimes they just can’t take it any more. || 'Unseen academicals'

661. Don’t wish upon a star, It is astronomically stupid. || 'A hat full of sky'

660. The gods are great believers in justice, at least as far as it extends to humans. || ‘Pyramids’

659. If you left off traditions because you didn’t know why they started you’d be no better than a foreigner. || 'Hogfather'

658. The trouble with madness is that the mad don’t know they are mad.

657. the prize goes not to the explorer who first sets foot upon the virgin soil but to the one who gets that foot home first. If it is still attached to his leg, that is a bonus. || 'Jingo'