633. What every true artist wants is to be paid.

613. Music with rocks in it won’t fade away.

559. Not every metaphor bears close examination. (suggested by moderately-whelmed)

482. When your shoes change by themselves, there’s magic afoot. (suggested by rad-brohmance)

332. Certain things have to happen before other things. Gods play games with the fates of men. But first they have to get all the pieces on the board, and look all over the place for the dice.

265. Be careful what you wish for. You never know who will be listening.

Or what, for that matter.

189. Eight in the morning: a time when drinkers are trying either to forget who they are or to remember where they live.

187. Music With Rocks In just happens. If you go around learning you’ll never get anywhere.

030. chamomile tea: clean inside and out. (submitted by colleyuriko )
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