649. It’s amazing how many friends you can make by being bad at things, provided you are bad enough to be funny. || 'Reaper man'

648. If you hate ******* wizards, then you shouldn’t **** them. || ‘Mort’

647. When his hands are higher than your head, his groin is level with your teeth. || ‘Feet of clay’

646. I’d like to know if I could compare you to a summer’s day. Because — well, June 12th was quite nice. || 'Wyrd sisters'

645. The freedom to take the consequences is the freedom upon which all the others are based. || 'Going postal'

644. People don’t like change. But make the change happen fast enough and you go from one type of normal to another. || 'Making money'

642. There’s no grays, only white that’s got grubby. || ‘Carpe jugulum’

642. One of the signs of real royalty is not having any money. || 'Pyramids'

641. People who think in italics needs to be watched. || 'Men at arms'

640. People accept evil not because they say ‘yes’, but because they don’t say ‘no’. || 'Guards! Guards'