660. The gods are great believers in justice, at least as far as it extends to humans. || ‘Pyramids’


A Discworld/GoT crossover: in which Sam Vimes basically just arrests everyone and that’s it that’s the show

659. If you left off traditions because you didn’t know why they started you’d be no better than a foreigner. || 'Hogfather'


Lady Sybil Vimes would have never allowed the dragons to be treated like that and she would have properly trained them


slythgeek: Death (Discworld) + crying


Death doesn’t cry, of course not. He is a skeleton, lacking glands, and hormones. Oh, and flesh and bodily fluids. He doesn’t have that either. 

So Death does not cry.

But there are times when the lights in his eyes go out for awhile.


x, x


658. The trouble with madness is that the mad don’t know they are mad.

“And he goes around killing people?” said Mort. He shook his head. “There’s no justice.”  

Death sighed. NO, he said,…THERE’S JUST ME.

-Mort, Discworld


Rincewind by zazB

Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love and a Hard- Boiled Egg!